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Uber driver's - Independent contractors or employees?

Early this year a group of Uber drivers filed a class action lawsuit claiming they were misclassified as independent contractors and are entilted to be reimbursed for some expenses. As of Sepetember 2, 2015 the court has certified this case as a class action. While this case's scope is limited to California, it could have a big impact on the interpretation of independent contractors for employers nationwide.

So what does it mean for your business? Keep an eye on how you are classifying your employees. Are they truely independent contractors or are they employees? The IRS provides some detail on this topic (Employee or Independent Contractor?) or you can contact an HR expert to help sort through all the nuances.

What can you be doing to ensure you properly classify your employees and independent contractors? Constantly review the job duties of your employees. As roles and responsibilities change so can the status of an independent contractor.

#independentcontractors #templabor

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