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Tips On Recruiting Candidates

In a recent survey, LinkedIn members were asked to identify what exactly made them switch their jobs. When asked this question, the seven million members had three common answers. The first was that it’s not all about money. What people really wanted was to see mobility in the company, so that they could grow and move up. Second, what matters to candidates is what others say about your company, or in other words your talent brand. We all know the companies that are well known and have a good reputation, and this is exactly what candidates refer to when switching jobs. Lastly, a lot of potential candidates are looking to move to small companies and downsize. The reason for this is that many people view small businesses as more ethical. Also, a lot of people prefer small businesses because most of the time they are more willing to let their employees give their input and make some meaningful decisions that they normally would not have the chance to make in a large organization.

What does this mean for your business?

Keep these three things in mind when you are trying to attract potential candidates. Remember, people want to move up, work for a company with a great reputation, and lastly work for a smaller company than they previously did. Go above and beyond and try to reach that good reputation that some companies manage to maintain over many years. Figure out the small business mentality and strive to treat your employees, or potential employees, in that same manner.

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