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Avoid Hiring Delays

Many businesses today have experience delays during the hiring process. Just when you think you have enough people, you end up with an empty position needing to be filled immediately. So, how can you avoid this delay and have people ready to work right when you need them?

Here are a few useful tips for you:

  1. Know what type of recruiting works best for you company. Some recruiting possibilities are: a staffing agency, online sources such as Indeed, or current employee references. If you have done a good job of workforce planning, you can post your job ahead of the need. Some possible problems that result in hiring delays are that employers are tapping into a talent pool that is too small, they are using an inaccurate interviewing process, and lastly, they are using a reactive hiring process rather than a proactive one.

  2. Proactively recruiting before you need someone. This will enable your company to get the best hire possible instead of settling because of time limitations. It is no surprise that openings will eventually come about in a business, so prepare yourself and this will eliminate your time-to-fill. One way to do this would be: constantly interviewing, occasionally hiring. This will create a pipeline of candidates that are ready to go the moment you need them.

  3. Maintaining a consistent talent design. Research shows that if you have a consistent approach to your recruiting, you will in return have a talent surplus in your company. Some ideas for recruiting are: job fairs, advertising, social media, and hosting social events.

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