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7 New Sex Discrimination Laws

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs just issued their final ruling on sex discrimination. Here are 7 things your company needs to know in order to comply with the new updates:

  • Restroom usage: employers covered by the rule must allow employees to use restrooms, changing rooms, and showers with whichever gender that employee identifies with.

  • Other pay practices: covered employers can’t reject overtime work, training, better pay, or higher- paying positions because of an employee’s sex.

  • Workforce development opportunities: a covered employer cannot set requirements for jobs or training that are based off of an employee’s sex unless the employer can prove that this discrimination is necessary to perform the job.

  • Discriminatory compensation: covered employers cannot pay employees differently based on their sex. If employees are performing the same job with the same duties, difficulty and responsibilities, they must be paid the same.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth: covered employers must provide accommodations if the employee needs them in result of being pregnant, having a child, or another medical condition if the employer can accommodate its workers.

  • Stereotyping: covered employers must not treat employees or applicants any differently because they fail to act in a manner of how a woman or man should act.

  • Word-of-mouth or Tap-on-the-shoulder recruiting: sending job offers only to certain members of a specific sex may be discriminatory if the intention is to exclude the other sex from applying.


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