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Minimizing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a very serious topic being discussed more and more often in today’s world. It is important that you discuss workplace violence with your employees as well as a discipline plan so employees are well informed and there aren’t any misunderstandings. One way to minimize workplace violence is to encourage employees to report and document any incidents and threats they receive. Second, you can provide safety education. This makes it clear what behavior is acceptable and the next steps to take if they witness any of these behaviors taking place. Third, you can secure your workplace with surveillance, extra lighting, and alarms. You can also secure your workplace by giving employees badges so outsider’s access will be minimized. Another way to minimize violence is to provide drop safes if applicable to your company. The less money that is kept on hand, the less of a deficit in money you will have if robbed. You can also instruct employees not to enter any location in which they feel unsafe. Giving the employees the right to make a decision like this is crucial because this can help the employee avoid the violent situation all together. Lastly, develop policies and procedures on workplace violence. This is the most important part in minimizing workplace violence because clearly defining your company’s policies and making sure it is taken seriously can decrease violence substantially.

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